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I Fisted A Girl And I Liked It!

June 01, 2023 She Explores Life
Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast
🔒 I Fisted A Girl And I Liked It!
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I had no idea that so many women were into it. I'm sharing the story of how I found myself fisting a partner and it's not at all what you think it might be like.  In this XXX episode, I dispel the shame and stigma around the act and leave listeners with some quick tips and tricks to giving their partners a fist full of orgasms!

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Annette Benedetti: I haven't really talked in depth about my experience with fisting and how I feel about it. So I thought, well, i'm going to get home, i'm going to cuddle up in my bed and I'm very cozy right now in my bed And I'm going to talk to my triple Xers about fisting. Now I happened into fisting kind of accidentally. I mean, i know it sounds weird, did I trip and fall and my fist ended up in a vagina? No, but it's not as though it was asked of me and I had never been fisted myself. Like I had seen porn where women were fisted and it seemed just awful. And I feel like in porn it's really represented in this like kind of gross way, like it's a gross thing And like you know, it goes back to the like she's horish and loose And so I'm going to fister type thing, and so in my mind the concept of fisting was really kind of dirty and gross and like, oh, what kind of woman could do that? And it meant bad things about the vagina, blah, blah, blah, blah, right. 

Speaker 1: But then one day I was playing with Evolva And I was with this beautiful woman. We saw her together for a little while And she was really into Adam's sub-dynamic with me I being the Dom, her being the sub, and our play consisted primarily of me doing things to her. I mean, she went down on me a little bit And she was not a seasoned queer chick. She didn't have a lot of experience getting women off. Clearly, i think I'm. Maybe I was a second woman she'd really fucked around with. Anyways, that's not what matters here, but so it all kind of got me going. But so it all kind of started out in some Dom's sub play Mostly at the time consisted of spanking, like a lot of me spanking her, and then, as play would go on, i would be me getting her off, restraining her, putting things in said vagina, and I got really turned on one time when I actually I think it may have been like the second time I just liked that I could tell her what to do and she would do it, and so when I would start to finger her, i tell her to lay down to spread her legs And I start with one finger And then I tell her when I was going to add a finger, and then usually it's finger number three, where things get tight, tight, spacey. 

Speaker 1: And what I found really turned me on when I was trying to add a finger was to tell her to open up for me, and that really turned her on. And so after finger three goes in and I'm like, oh, how far can I take this? Now four fingers, i'm now four fingers in and she is like really getting off. And I, you know, i could tell like things that tell me beyond the verbal and the sounds, which I think can be faked. So I, while I listen to those cues, i really look for physical cues when I'm having sex with a woman And one of the main physical cues that stands out to me is where the G spot is right, kind of inside, the vagina will start to swell and sometimes become very smooth, but then it gets and it's I don't know how to explain it. Well, you probably know if you have been pleasing another Volvo owner or a woman. So I you know that was happening. 

Speaker 1: And then something fucking unique that I had never experienced before I have experienced since happened Basically, her vagina like ballooned on the inside, like it puffed open into. I can only describe it as being very balloon, like the walls, kind of like, opened and got super smooth. It was so sexy and wet And I was like, i don't know in my head I guess, i just kind of knew she wanted me to keep going and so I asked asked in a telling way, but asked and she responded, yes, she could take more. And I'm like, well, fuck, i guess here we go, and In went my fist and in my head it was I had net. This is something I had never, ever thought about doing, and In my head prior to this moment It was kind of something that I thought would be really fucking gross and it was so Like, it was so hot, and then to Have her come, and how do I know she came, i thought I Thought she was gonna break my fucking fist. I have never felt a body clinched down like that. It crushed my hand and You know, and then it was a very slow, sexy process of, you know, calming her body down, slowly removing my hand. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, fisting is an underrated activity, i think. However, comma, i'm here to tell you that I have not been fisted how. However, yes, i have given it a try after several, several partners who clearly enjoyed the activity, and and once I realized. Oh my god, this is like a thing. I don't think women talk about it a lot, and I think They're, at least in my experience, and I feel like I've got some decent experience. Folks, i don't think women speak about a lot because I think there is a shame and stigma that it means they're loose or they're Viginas or somehow you know whatever slutty. There's the stigma of yuckiness around it, which is super fucking unfortunate because I have only had the most Protic, sexy, satisfying fisting experiences as a giver And it's not made me feel or think anything less of the woman I've been with. It's only been like a fucking insane turn on. That's made me want more. 

Speaker 1: But yeah, because this person was not my only experience, i started to think to myself hey, there's something going on here. Why have I not done this? Why have I not had this experience right? So when I finally found a partner that I had just a lot of trust with and who has been very into experimenting with me and I had shared my fisting experiences and my curiosity around it, right, i decided to give it a whirl. 

Speaker 1: And, long story short, i will say this in the attempts to be fisted, i've definitely had some crazy awesome orgasms And I do understand, like I think some women really and Volvo owners really experience like pleasure from this stretching and full feeling. And now I can understand it a little bit more because I have, like, with a lot of clitoral stimulation going on as well. I've definitely had some crazy amazing orgasms when full of fingers. However, i definitely haven't been able to get to a full fist And beyond that I've kind of gotten like a little hurt trying And it's not something I think I will pursue. I mean, there's just like bones in place down there that keep me from like I don't know It's not gonna work, i don't think my body is capable, which kind of bums me out, cause I'm like damn, i don't know. 

Speaker 1: I've definitely been on the giving end and felt some hand crushing orgasms And I'm like it must be amazing. But I am curious I have yet to meet a man who has said that they've fisted a woman. I've definitely talked to men who are my friends, partners whatever, who have said you know they're curious about, they're always a little bit shocked when I tell them. There's a lot of shock around that, especially from the men that I've had conversations with And it's been so like for the number of women I've been with. It's been really the ratio of women who have wanted to be fisted versus those who have been like, uh, no, no. There's been more people who have been like, yeah, i'm into it, or let's try it, or that was amazing. So yeah, i find it fascinating that men say they haven't had that experience a lot or they haven't had the opportunity. I don't know why that is. I'm curious if any of you out there have some thoughts, but I'm here to tell you it is something that I think a lot of women are into. 

Speaker 1: Do not get off of this podcast, shut it down, turn it off for the night and then run and try to fist your partner. Don't do that, or the next woman you're with That is definitely do not do that. Do not say, oh, annette, on locker room talking shots that I should fist the fuck out of you. That is not what I'm saying. I'm just saying it might be something to test the waters with your partner. Talk to them about. 

Speaker 1: I think that as a woman, i would be really hesitant to say to male partner oh yeah, i like being fucking fisted. I think there's a lot of stigma and shame around it. I think that would be hard to say or to even say oh, i want more. I think women feel like what makes them hot and sexy is being tight. I'm too tight for that. I can only take a finger, maybe two. I'm too tight for three fingers, i think it's. 

Speaker 1: I've heard, like unseen, women kind of react that way And I feel like it's cause they feel like that makes them a better woman or sexier or whatever. And I'm like you pushed a couple kids out of that vagina. I'm pretty sure that it accommodates more than one finger. But there are also a lot of other reasons why women may not want that kind of penetration. Some women really just experience pain around penetration. But if you do open it up, i got some tips for you. If you decide to try fisting or you have a partner who's willing to ask you to be to fist them, i have some tips and tricks I want to leave you with. Before I say, nighty night, nighty night. Have a lot of loop available, like a shit ton of loop, and make sure it's a good loop. Don't get something watery goop that goes away right away Like thick, high quality loop for sure. 

Speaker 1: Number two clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulation clitoral stimulation of vibrator. I personally love my clit sucking toys during, well, any kind of play where my partner is like kind of working on the vagina down there. I love, whether it is vaginal penetration or anal penetration. I love to have my clit sucking toys air pleasure tech toys out and getting me excited And that makes everything else go really really well. Also, consent, consent, consent. Every finger, every extra knuckle, be sexy about it. 

Speaker 1: Ask you know, can you take one more for me? If you're being a dom, do it for me. Are you able to do this for me? Use your fucking. You know whatever words, what do we call them? the red, yellow, green, safe words, safe words. Guys, it's late at night. I got a tattoo. I'm thinking about fisting. I may not be very eloquent in this podcast, but you get the point. I'm definitely gonna masturbate when I get the fuck off this thing. For sure, i'm having an orgasm tonight And, yeah, fisting is hot. 

Speaker 1: I'm curious about what you guys think. Do you think it's hot? What are the first things that come to your mind when you hear me talking about fisting? or have you had the opportunity? I would love to hear from you. You guys know how to get all of me. So don't forget lots of lube, a lot of consent, some clit second or vibrating toys, proper up like a queen, with like a shit ton of pillows around her, so she's nice and comfortable, so she can relax and open up. See what happens. Get ready, though. You might end up with a hand in a cast. I've actually kind of wondered if that's possible. I think it is, but that's it. That's it for tonight. I have fisting on my mind. I've fisted a girl and I liked it, and I'm fine with letting y'all know about it. If you have questions about fisting thoughts, get ahold of me. I wanna chat with you. On that note, good night listeners. Sleep well And I will see you in the locker room. Cheers, ha ha ha. 

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